Love BEA photography

Love BEA Photography was founded by Logan Lovett and Brandi Elizabeth Ashman.

Logan has a film background, holding a degree in Film from UW-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts.  Here he studied both filmmaking and photography.  Brandi an independent artist in many fields, recently setting her focus on makeup design as well as photography.  

Logan and Brandi enjoy a collaborative process in their work.  Brandi is the official makeup artist for Love BEA Photography but she is also a photographer and often serves as the artistic director for Love BEA's themed photo shoots, where she plans and creates scenes that the models inhabit.  Logan brings to life these scenes through his knowledge of lighting and camerawork.  Together, Logan and Brandi's collaborations make for highly engaging and unique photos.

"Before and After" sample.  Brandi's makeup portfolio coming soon. 

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